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esoteric: adj. 1. understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest


monitoring bitcoin


python asyncio bitcoind tui


interactive london tube map

contract work undertaken - email@esotericnonsense.com

linux system administration               [arch, ubuntu, debian, fedora, gentoo]
virtualization                                              [qemu, libvirt, kvm]
containerization                                                   [docker, lxc]

version control                           [git, gitlab, gitolite, gitea, github]

back-end programming                             [python3, golang, c, c++, rust]
front-end programming        [html, javascript, css, vue.js, jquery, websockets]
database administration                                [postgresql, sqlite, sql]
webservers                                             [nginx, letsencrypt, tls]

networking                    [wireguard, openvpn, dnsmasq, iptables, netfilter]

apis                                               [flask, ajax, rest, json-rpc]
amazon web services                                          [aws, ec2, ebs, s3]
vps                                                       [linode, digitalocean]

bitcoin                                  [bitcoin-qt, bitcoin-cli, c++ codebase]
sports betting                 [betfair, apis, modelling, autotraders, football]
trading                                      [logging, pricing, data collection]
transport                                               [journey planning, apis]

If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start. - Charles Bukowski