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esoteric: adj. 1. understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest


rust betfair APING bindings


monitoring bitcoin


interactive london tube map


public git repositories


general musings


climate commitment


python asyncio bitcoind tui

back-end programming                            [python3, golang, c, c++, rust]
python                     [python, python2, python3, mypy, flake8, numpy, ray]
rust                        [rustc, rustup, cargo, crates.io, docs.rs, botfair]
front-end programming       [html, javascript, css, vue.js, jquery, websockets]
database administration                               [postgresql, sqlite, sql]
webservers                                            [nginx, letsencrypt, tls]

version control                    [git, cgit, gitlab, gitolite, gitea, github]

linux devops, sysadmin                   [arch, ubuntu, debian, fedora, gentoo]
virtualization                                             [qemu, libvirt, kvm]
containerization                                                  [docker, lxc]
logging                                                      [rsyslog, librelp]
networking                   [wireguard, openvpn, dnsmasq, iptables, netfilter]

apis                                              [flask, ajax, rest, json-rpc]
amazon web services                                         [aws, ec2, ebs, s3]
vps                                                      [linode, digitalocean]

bitcoin               [bitcoin-qt, bitcoin-cli, bitcoind-ncurses, c++ codebase]
sports betting       [betfair, botfair, apis, modelling, autotraders, football]
trading                                     [logging, pricing, data collection]

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